Rock Climbing --- 10/25/2014 - 10/26/2014 --- Peter's Kill

First ever Wellness outdoor rock climbing class. First day at Bunk Bed and Khadehja where I got to climb Anna's Route and Sound Barrier which were both new for me (as far as I can recall). Second day at Golden Dream. All photos courtesy of Bob.

With Bob, Gretchen, Ernie, Juana, Benoit, Stacey, Katrina, Chris, Jeff, Stephen, Hnin

Stephen and Katrina (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Stephen and Katrina    Peter's Kill -- 10/25/2014

Gretchen and Ernie (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Gretchen and Ernie    Peter's Kill -- 10/25/2014

Hnin (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Hnin    Peter's Kill -- 10/25/2014

Juana (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Juana    Peter's Kill -- 10/26/2014

Glory Hole! (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Glory Hole!    Peter's Kill -- 10/26/2014

Benoit (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Benoit    Peter's Kill -- 10/26/2014